Ashland Residence Six wood burning fireplaces in Southern Oregon.
PDX Fireside Gas Fireplace
  • Client Eric Larsen Building & Design
  • Job Duties Design + Consultation

Serious wood-burners in Oregon

This large residence in southern Oregon was designed with six wood-burning fireplaces and one pizza oven. When we were brought onto the project, all but one of the fireplaces had been built. We were engaged to design the Dining Room Fireplace and consult on the two largest fireplaces in the home with opening sizes of 6’ wide by 6’ tall and 5’ wide by 4’ tall. Fireplaces with large openings, such as the ones designed into this home, are tempermental characters which present interesting design challenges for proper function. Upon inspection, we noticed that these two fireplaces coughing smoke into the house. Our deduction was that the had two main issues, both related to air. The fireplace required more air, but we also needed to design better aerodynamics within the fireplace to accept the new air.

Insulated Breast bolted to insulated Smoke Chamber
Insulated Steel Chimney System

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