Ohio Residence An outdoor wood-burning fireplace
PDX Fireside Gas Fireplace
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Safety and functionality

We typically design masonry fireplaces with some stove technology in mind. We design using steel fabricated components that accomplish a multitude of functional goals. The steel components heat up the firebox, smokechamber, and flue system quickly, creating a strong draft. Steel also allows us to define good aerodynamic geometries up inside the throat and smoke chamber of a fireplace. These geometries are specific to each fireplaces' needs and change contingent upon a multitude of factors. Steel components also allow us ease of shipment and installation. However, in this project the contractor and mason were both familiar and comfortable building fireplaces using 100% clay and masonry components, so we designed around their needs and specified off-the-shelf clay breast tiles and smoke chamber components, provided by Superior Clay. We designed the new all-masonry fireplace, per code, and detailed a new gas line route that would be safe. We also designed the wall behind the fireplace, behind the air space between the fireplace and wall, to be non-combustible in the area behind the limits of the hot firebox.

We provided a set of CAD details that included the construction specifications with a plan section at the hearth level, a side section of the fireplace and a front elevation section showing all aspects of the construction from the hearth to the chimney termination. We also provided a full set of CMU construction details that showed the support behind the firebox in stages so the fireplace was constructed with the inner geometries that create the shape detailed in the drawings approved by the client. The result is a safe, functional fireplace on a budget.

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