Our Portfolio An abbreviated listing of projects we have worked on.

PDX Fireside Restaurant

Custom Gas suspended flue Fireplace
Nestled in the heart of northwest Portland, Oregon’s trendy 23rd Avenue, the interior architecture of the PDX Fireside Restaurant attracts hungry window-shoppers with an appetite for “outdoor-inspired” specialty food and distinct design.
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Contemporary Wood-Burning Fireplace

  • Architect/Designer Genesis Architecture
  • Arch's website GenesisArchitecture.com
  • Fireplace A contemporary-styled, wood-burning, open-corner fireplace w/ moate
A contemporary open-corner wood burning Fireplace
Click here to see more information about our upcoming project at a residence in Florida.

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Oklahoma Residence

  • Job Duties Consulting
  • Architect Frank Welch Architects
  • Visit Arch's website www.FrankWelch.com
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We successfully helped an architect in Oklahoma fix fireplaces on the fritz. Construction on this home had been completed when we were brought into this project. This high-end residence had one exterior and one interior fireplace, and both spilled smoke under most conditions. The architect had good intentions with, well-planned drawing specifications for the fireplaces, but a challenging environment mixed with out-dated technology, design, methods and materials was the culprit to the issues. To complicate matters the home had a kitchen hood that competed for air in the same interior space as the Great Room fireplace. The issues were compounded when conditions were windy.

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Southern Oregon Residence

  • Client Eric Larsen Building & Design
  • Job Duties Design + Consultation
A Large Wood Burning Fireplace in Southern Oregon
This large residence in southern Oregon was designed with six wood-burning fireplaces and one pizza oven. When we were brought onto the project, all but one of the fireplaces had been built. We were engaged to design the Dining Room Fireplace and consult on the two largest fireplaces in the home with opening sizes of 6’ wide by 6’ tall and 5’ wide by 4’ tall. Fireplaces with large openings, such as the ones designed into this home, are tempermental characters which present interesting design challenges for proper function. Upon inspection, we noticed that these two fireplaces coughing smoke into the house. Our deduction was that the had two main issues, both related to air. The fireplace required more air, but we also needed to design better aerodynamics within the fireplace to accept the new air.
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Ohio Residence

  • Architect/Designer MBI-K2M
  • Job Duties Design + Consultation
  • Visit website www.MBI-K2M.com
An outdoor wood-burning place designed with traditional materials
We were brought into this project to help redesign and restore a georgous fireplace with some major safety flaws. Our architect client needed a value efficient solution, so we created a design according to those needs. Our concept utilized the best materials that could be purchased on a budget. This design resulted in a highly-efficient, safe and functional fireplace that achieved the projected goals of the project.
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